In May 2019 the nursery had a visit from Ofsted. The nursery has been awarded GOOD. Comments in the report include:

  • The manager and staff have a good understanding of how they want the nursery to develop and improve. The day-to-day management is effective and a commitment to build on the already good quality of care and learning is enthusiastically demonstrated.
  • Staff work with parents and other professionals involved in the children’s care. Parents have many ways to share information to enable them to keep in touch with nursery life. Good links with other professionals and local schools help to build the collaborative approach to support children’s individual needs.
  • Staff assess the level of children’s skills, knowledge and understanding on entry to the nursery. They plan effectively overall to build on children’s interests and skills. Staff make good use of additional funding to help all groups of children to achieve well.
  • Staff promote positive behaviour. They give children lots of praise for their achievements, helping to raise their self-esteem. Staff take time to explain to children what is expected of them. Children behave well.

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